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For students 5 & up, PDT offers Recreational & Competitive dance classes in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Conditioning, Modern, Hip Hop, Improvisation, & Acrobatics!  For class times please see the 2017-2018 Class Schedule.


Recreational - Dancers who want to take class for a fun learning experience!

Competitive - Dancers who audition and are accepted to our Performance Ensemble, Mini Ensemble and/or HipHop Crew.  If your child is interested in participating in one of our competitive teams, click here!


Ballet Technique - The foundation of all dance.  Students learn proper posture, body mechanics, flexibility, balance, agility, co-ordination, proper use of the body to execute movement safely and correctly.


Tap Technique - Students learn rhythm, various tap techniques, footwork, balance, co-ordination, patterns and quick thinking.

Jazz Technique - Students learn strength, flexibiltiy, turns, jumps and a variety of combinations to upbeat pop music!

Conditioning - Stregnth and body training for dancers and non-dancers alike.

Hip Hop - Popular street dance focusing on movement quality, rhythm and body articulation.

Acrobatics - Similar to floor gymnastics, students learn tricks such as ariel walk overs and cartwheels, back hand springs, front and back walk overs and various contortions of the back, arms and legs.


Contemporary - For intermediate & advanced students, learning movement quality, adaptation of music, exploration of creativity and body language.

Modern Technique - Students learn Graham, Horton, & Paul Taylor modern techniques.

Pre-Pointe & Pointe - For advanced students we offer pre-pointe and pointe class.  *Instructor recommendations required.

Improvisation - For intermediate and advanced students, improv allows dancers to explore use of their techniques, body and musicality in a completely open, structure and judgement-free environment.  

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