PDT Parent’s Guide


New Student? Here’s an FAQ that may help!



Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 604 W. Bethany Suite 200 in Allen, right off 75 & Bethany.

Where can I find the schedule?

The current schedule can be found here.

When can I start classes at PDT?

You can register and begin classes at PDT anytime!  

How old does my child need to be to enroll at PDT?

Your little one can enroll as long as they are potty trained.  We also have classes for adults and all ages in between!


I have a little one, (3-5 years old) what classes should he/she take?

For our little ones we have Mini Movers, Song Birds, Tumble Weeds and Broadway Babies.  For information on our programs for little ones, visit our information pages by clicking the information page here!  

I have a beginner interested in dance classes what classes do you have availalble for my child?

We have a full page of dance class options for beginners looking for dance classes.  Please see our class options for dance here!

I have a child interested in acting and singing, what classes do you have available for my child?

We have a full department for music, singing, acting and musical theater.  For information on the available classes, click here!

Where can I find your schedule?

You can find our class schedule here.


What does my child need to wear to class?

To keep PDT professional, we have a dress code that is strictly enforced.  You can find dress code and order your dancewear, shoes and accessories here.

Why does my child need to wear their hair up for dance class?

We ask that your child wear their hair secure in a bun for class because hair can be a distraction when dancers are learning to turn.  It is important your child come to class with hair out of their way so they can learn properly.


Can I pay online?

YES!  You can make payments easily online for tuition, registration, dance apparel and shoes by visiting our payments page or our dress code page.

How does payment work for Mini Movers & Tumble Weeds?

Payment for these classes is by class card.  You purchase a 6 class card for $65.  That card can be used for any Mini Movers or Tumble Weeds class.  Your card is only punched when you attend class, leaving flexibility for your busy schedule.

When is monthly tuition due?

Tuition is due the first week of every month.  Tuition is considered late after the 8th of the month.

What happens if I pay my tuition late?

If you pay your tuition past the 8th of the month there will be a 15% late fee.

What happens if my child misses a class?  

Tuiton is not prorated for missed classes.  Students may take a make up class in any class of their level.  


If I need to add classes to my child’s schedule, what do I need to do?

You can easily add classes by contacting the front desk and letting us know what classes you’d like to add.  

If my child is enrolled in one class, but wants to switch to a different class, what do I need to do?

To change your schedule, please notify the front desk and your child may attend the different class.

If my child wishes to drop class, what do I need to do?

If you would like to drop a class, you will need to contact the front desk before the 1st day of the next month to be taken off of the billing statements.  If you do not give notification, you will be charged and responsible for payment until notification is given.

Can I watch my child while they are in class?

We have monitors in the lobby for your viewing pleasure during all classes.  Parents are not permitted into the class room with students unless asked to enter by the instructor.


Do you have a competitive team?

We have a couple of different options for those who want to train to be competitive dancers! You can find competitive dance information here. 

Do you have a year end recital?

We have an annual performance in May titled “Body Language.”  Performance in Body Language is optional for all recreational students, but mandatory for all competitive dancers.  

We also provide theatrical performances that are optional for our recreational dancers, singers and actors.  These performances will be posted a few months prior to when practices will begin.  If your child is broadway bound or wants to participate just for fun, be sure to check out our performance options!

PDTPE & Hip Hop Crew FAQ


What is the PDTPE?

The PDT Performance Ensemble is our award winning competitive team.  Dancers are given specific requirements they must meet to participate.  Entry is by audition only.  

What is the Hip Hop Crew?

The Hip Hop Crew is a less demanding option for dancers who are interested in competing.  Dancers have specific requirements they must meet to participate and like the PDTPE, entry is by audition only.

What is the Broadway Baby program?

The Broadway Babies is our entry level competitive team for 4-6 year olds to introduce them, and their parents into the competitive dance world.

When are auditions for the PDTPE & Hip Hop Crew?

We hold two auditions for our teams.  One is held in the end of May and the other is in the end of August.  Audition dates are posted on our calendar.

What are the qualifications to be a part of the PDTPE?

We have a skill set for dancers wishing to be on the competitive team.  

When are auditions for the Hip Hop Crew?

We hold auditions in May and again in August.  

How old does my child need to be to audition for competition?

For the Performance Ensemble and Hip Hop Crew, we allow them at 6 years old with training.  For our Broadway Babies we take them at 4 years old.

What can I expect if my child is accepted into the PDTPE or the Hip Hop Crew?

We hold a parent meeting at the beginning of each season that will provide you with all of the information you need for the year.  All programs are a full year commitment so attendance to the parent meeting prior to signing up is highly recommended.  If you would like more detailed information about the competitive teams please use the contact form below c/o Miss Katie Miller, director of the PDTPE competitve teams.

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