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The Plano Dance Theatre is DFW's original complete performing arts school, including Dance, Drama, Voice and Musical Theater.  When it comes to choosing a school for yourself or your child, there are many factors you must take into consideration to find the right fit.  Established in 2005, The Plano Dance Theatre, aka PDT Dance Arts, offers quality instruction in a positive caring atmosphere to ensure students of all ages grow and progress as performing artists and as individuals.



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At PDT Our goal is to educate students in a variety of performing arts in a structured positive learning environment.  Beginning with our littlest dancers at 2 years old to our adults and pre-professional dancers, we offer classes in dance, drama and voice to ensure a well rounded education.  We train our students to be successful in whatever they choose to study and while they are being educated in the arts, they are also learning life skills such as responsibility, dicipline, comradery, diligence and many other values to assist them in acheiving greatness in both their performing art and their every day lives.

The Family Difference

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At PDT we keep our classes small in size so that each child gets personal attention.  Instructors get to know each child individually so they can help the child progress at their personal pace and find strength through accomplishment.  Because our productions involve all students working together toward a common goal, our students of all ages bond with one another and give PDT a caring family atmosphere.  Your child is never just a number.  


The Curriculum Difference

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At PDT we spend valuable class time teaching students technique and skills.  Rather than teach performance choreography in class, we keep performance rehearsals separate so that students can concentrate on collecting the nessesary tools to become artists themselves.  Dancers learn good habits and diciplined class ettiquette from their very first class ensure the safety and excellent technical growth they need.  We require all students to follow our dress code so that all dancers feel comfortable in their learning environment.


The Performance Difference

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At PDT we like to give students a real performance experience.  We take the time to put on full length original shows so that students and audience members of all ages will enjoy their performance experience.  Whether its a spoof like our "Crabby Lee's Cristmas" performance, or an adaptation with a twist like our "Oz 23AD" performance, students young and old love to participate and audiences always rave!  

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