Lindsey Henderson - Lyrical Jazz & Contemporary Instructor


Lindsey Henderson - Lyrical, Jazz & Contemporary Instructor

Lindsey Henderson is 25 years old, and was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of The University of Alabama where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Women Studies minor. In her four years at the University, Lindsey was a consistent member of the performing company, Alabama Repertoire of Dance and Theatre, and had her choreographic work featured each semester in Dance Alabama!. In 2014, Lindsey was awarded the Junior Dancer of the Alabama Repertory of Dance and Theatre Company.  In her earlier days, Lindsey was selected to be a Jr. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader which led to some of her most memorable performances with well-known artists including Destiney’s Child, Journey, Carrie Underwood, Toby Keith, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson. Although performing is what sparked her passion for dance, by age 15, Lindsey was also a faculty member at her performing arts studio and found her love for choreographing at a young age. While studying at the Un. Of Alabama, Lindsey was invited by her former high school drill team to return as an outside choreographer for 3 consecutive summers, which led to her opportunities to choreograph for other high schools in the Dallas Metroplex. Since she was 18, Lindsey has continuously been invited to teach at several studio summer intensives across The States.

Upon graduating in 2015, Lindsey moved to New York City after receiving a full scholarship (from Jim Cooney himself!) to Broadway Dance Center where she successfully completed the program, meanwhile working as an intern for The Pulse on Tour offices in NYC. While in NYC, Lindsey trained extensively in commercial dance (Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Jazz, Heels and Contemporary) under several major choreographers including Candace Brown, Dave Scott, Sheryl Murakami, Jim Cooney, Jerad Grimes, Neil Shwartz and many more. While pursuing her commercial dance career, Lindsey was also chosen to work as the Program Director’s Assistant at Broadway Dance Center. If you visit BDC, you may find a familiar face welcoming you into the studio as Lindsey’s Dirty Sugar photoshoot is being used as the “welcome photo” at the front desk and is continuously used to advertise Broadway Dance Center internationally! Her major accomplishments in NYC include when she danced in the music video for Artist KMC’s new single “Club On Fire”, she then danced in Times Square for Hard Rock Café’s flagship, and she appeared as a featured dancer in the international Dance Panorama, televised on Czech TV. 

In 2017, Lindsey moved to Los Angeles, California where she appeared as afeatured dancer in a music video for artist Trinidad James in his new single “Monsoon”, being released in 2018. She was then afforded the opportunity, through choreographer Dana Alexa, to perform at the famous Cesar’s Palace Omnia Nightclub, in Las Vegas. While living in LA, Lindsey performed at several venues in Hollywood, CA backup dancing for various local artists, she performed in numerous concept videos, and was featured in a video project for LG Mobile Speakers.

In 2018, Lindsey moved back to Dallas after being away for 7 years. She is ecstatic to share her experience and knowledge of both the East & West coasts as a professional dancer. With 10 years of teaching experience, Lindsey still continues her training by traveling back to Los Angeles and New York City – where she auditions, performs, trains and expands her knowledge/creativity further to bring back home to Dallas. Most importantly, her passion for teaching, choreographing, and performing is evident in everything that she does. Her biggest attribute is that she is a young, hands-on instructor who will always demonstrate what she preaches – she loves to get moving and dancing with the kiddos! Lindsey finds immense pride in being able to connect with all children in the classroom through her energetic personality!

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