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These are just a few samples of what parents are saying about PDT!  Have something you'd like to add?  Review us on Google.com or send us an email at pdtnews@gmail.com!


"I have been in and out of PDT (as well as Plano) since its inception and have taught at many studios around the country and DFW. What I love most about PDT is its way of creating well-rounded, educated and respectful individuals. It is not just about being a good dancer (which many are, having gone to top summer dance intensives and Universities) but being a good person with integrity. Going to competition is a part of the curriculum and used as a tool for the students to learn, not to gain trophies. Dance, as well as theater and music are all combined to make creative, entertaining shows, not boring recitals. Best of all is the new facility! Great dancing/acro space with a break room for the kids to eat and change. This studio is small but mighty! Please check the credentials which speak for themselves and give PDT a try."


"Plano Dance Theatre has been an amazing experience! Not just for my child, but for the others that have joined their Musical Theatre Dance for Actors program. Their choreography for musical theatre is outstanding and they have excellent repoire with the students and teachers. I have been blown away by the professionalism and quality of this school and look forward to participating in more programs with them!"


"We are signing our granddaughter up for The Mini Movers fall class. She has had such a wonderful experience at The Plano Dance Theatre this past Spring. The teachers build self confidence, are patient, kind, and very experienced. I can't think of a better gift to give our little one! 

- Kathy

"I am a West Michigan based Photographer who has traveled to various locations across the U.S. for portrait commissions. I have worked with The Plano Dance Theatre several times, observing classes and photographing their dancers. I am impressed by the professionalism, dedication and talent of both the instructors and students. PDT has a beautiful facility and warm atmosphere. I wish I lived in Dallas so my own kids could attend this school." 

- Katie D.

"Both of my niece's LOVE The Plano Dance Theater, they have learned so much from their teachers and grown immensely in their own crafts and style of dance. They have won so many awards and continue to do so, our eldest niece has been invited several time to summer intensive programs for the Joffery, Tulsa Ballet, Oklahoma Ballet and NY School of Dance! I would and could not ask for a better place for them to be. Any child would be lucky to learn from them!" 

- Elizabeth

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the Plano Dance Theatre. My children (2 daughters and my son) have been with PDT for over 5 years. This is not your typical cookie cutter recital/competition based studio...of which Collin County has a zillion of. This is the studio you want to take your child to when you want the entire staff to know your child (and you) by name (in a good way). This is the place to take your budding ballerina when she needs teachers who go the extra mile to ensure she is professionally coached, trained and prepared to dance at a college level or above. This is the studio you want come to if you don't want your young performer to get lost in a crowd of rainbow leotards. PDT doesn't take your money and have your child attend class every week for year, just so you can watch them perform one song in a giant recital. PDT works with your child to encourage confidence, strength and discipline in dance and performance styles they may not have discovered at any other studio. My children love being able to express themselves through both dance, music and theater arts. Something that they wouldn't ordinarily get exposure to until they are in high school or older. When we found PDT....we moved from a very prestigious Plano studio...where my daughter was in classes of 15 -20 children...where you never knew who was going to be teaching the class...(in some studios..the younger dancers are often crowded together and teen students get 'thrown in' to teach when the 'real' teachers are busy). There is NO CROWDING here. Small class sizes allow the instructors to actually get to know all about your child. PDT's family-based staff, (both literally and figuratively) are all highly accomplished and trained dancers/performers. Yes...this is a smaller, more personable studio, all attention is focused on the children.....Competitions are limited to 2-3 per year for those dancers that want to participate and audition for the PDT Performance Ensemble . (not 10-12 per year like other trophy collection studios) There are 2 to 3 full theatre-based productions both original and standard musical theatre fare performed yearly at the Courtyard Theatre. My kids absolutely love this aspect of belonging here.....they feel like a part of a very special club...where they can compete together with their friends one month, then turn around and put on a fabulous musical like Peter Pan, Annie or an original full length musical parody of Bravo's Dance Moms. Every student who wants to be included is welcomed. The dance instruction is challenging, fun and professional...many past students have gotten dance scholarships under the tutelage of director Katie Miller. Honestly this is a level of instruction I've only seen in NYC or Chicago. There is an old saying..".you can do 100 things 1% right, OR you can do 1 thing 100% right." This hidden Plano gem has been quietly doing their one thing...turning out well rounded performers 100% of the time for a number of years now. They rarely toot their own horn...they are always too busy focusing on their students. This is why I decided to share today.... If you want something different for your child...something that will create special memories for your entire family...then The Plano Dance Theatre is worth a look.”


"PDT is the best decision we could make to fulfill our daughters love for dance and performance.  Along with amazing technique, they teach the kids to be confident, responsible and respectful which transfers to their daily lives.  Every instructor has no tonly gifted talent to pass along to the students but character that they will carry with them forever.  I think the biggest compliment I have heard this year from friends, family, dancers and dance instructors that have visited our studio and performances is how professional the students teachers and shows PDT produces are every time.  We love our PDT family and can not say enough about the place they have in our hearts!"


"My daughter started dancing just prior to turning 4.  We stayed at her first studio until just prior to her turning 8.  It was a scary move to leave the place we were familiar with, but coming to PDT was the best choice we have ever made for her dance education.  The staff and all of the students instantly made her feel welcome.  I can honestly say in her first summer she had grown more as a dancer then she had in years, and her self confidence grew enormously.  The professionalism, knowledge, and commitment that the teachers at PDT invest in the students is huge.  This isnt a studio in business just for the profit. they are in this to truly develop their students into amazing dancers, performers and wonderful young people.  If you are looking for a dance studio for your child or yourself, I highly recommend PDT!  This isnt just our dance school, its our dance family.  My daughter is starting her second year and I could not be more excited!"


"I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit PDT and work on one of their Halloween productions.  I can not express how impressed I was with the entire cast and crew.  The staff at PDT showed such an outstanding level of professionalism and commitment to their students.  It was easy to see how hard the instructors worked to create a strong foundation of technical skills while helping the students foster self confidence and performance skills.  These performers were not only prepared and responsible, but they truly showed a joy for what they were doing and a strong connection to each other as a group.  PDT is very special indeed."


"I recently saw your name mentioned in Dance Teacher Magazine and wondered if it was the same Katie Miller who had whooped me into shape week after week in pointe class at Dorothy's, so I did a little googling and found your website.  I just wanted to say congratulations on owning your own studio and to tell you that I still miss you terribly!  Your class was by far one of the most beneficial classes I took during high school and you made ballet more enjoyable for me than it had ever been before.  You have such evident passion in your dancing and teaching and it is truly inspiring!"


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